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Our Services
  Accounts Receivable - invoices / statements / receipts
  Accounts Payable - processing payments / setting up vendors
  Bank Reconciliation - shows monthly account differences
  Account Reconciliation - for a correct balance
  Fixed Assets Management - useful life longer than one year
  Accounting & Bookkeeping - done at the end of the accounting period
  Cash Flow Management - ensures company has enough funds
  Financial Statements - monitor financial state of operations
  Budgeting and Planning - of future business operations
  Financial Statements - vital to financial health
  Tax Services - for individuals and businesses
  Data Analytics - Microsoft PowerBI reporting
R&D Resources
  R&D Tax Credits - The Opportunity
  R&D Infographic - Claims / Applications / Percentages
  R&D Infographic - Top 5 states in R&D Expenditures
Accounting Resources
  Quickbooks online - cloud accounting solution
  Cash vs. Accrual Accounting - recording revenues & expenses
  Profit & Loss Template - used to perform cash flow analysis
  News & Resources - technology and accounting
Code Samples
  Bookkeeping and accounting services Cleveland, Ohio
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